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Poem – Tame

I sat up with my back on the worn up bench .

My shoes were cover in dust.

My hair was tuck under my hat.

The huge tree stood behind the bench

Beneath the sun.

In my heart I felt worn and torn .

My heart felt clench where did my life go?

My view I see the torn up streets with it broken up curbs.

I see the torn up sidewalks with it broken up curbs.

A empty can rolls my way.

I kick it to the curb.

I reach in my purse and grab a mirror I stare at it and look!

I threw the mirror on the duty curb it did not even crack another can roll my way I felt empty like the can.

I kick it high like a lion heart as strong as I can be with an quiet soul.

The moon was the light it felt cool over my shoulder.

I held my high no shame In my game.