Self -Reflecting

You can feel your heart.

But take your brain with you.


Be kind to You.

Look into your past only to see your potential of how far you have become.

Be grateful for the change you are becoming.

If you have become fragile.

In your most vulnerable state of mind.

In changing You

It’s  okay.

Your moving into a level of progress,

Your no longer the same Individual  In mindset.

Your stronger than ever.

You are enough for you.

Don’t ever let anybody tell you your not enough.


monochrome photo of woman wearing white collared shirt
Photo by Andi Alexander on

Is a wonderful level to be at.

Find the moment in you.

Wrap your soul around your mind and self  reflect  your most inner thoughts that quiets your soul.

You deserve  that part of you.


Your Inner strengths they will come out once you find yourself all over again.

Self reflect You.

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