Start Over


grayscale photo of woman in sunglasses and traditional african top posing
Photo by Sonjhai Meggette on

forget how far you have become.

It takes courage to go through doubt.

You feel  like you are trap In a shell.

Instead of saying I am damaged or broken

This Is It.

It not It.

Say you starting over.

Hope Is believing

Its  Okay to feel sad or angry those are Human reactions.

Just because you feel  sad or worthless it just a temporary  thought the transformation  might be painful yes you will get better

Believe in you.

Do something kind for you.

Sometimes the people around you will not understand  your journey  because it not happening to them.

Every time you think you can not go forward  you can.

You are strong  your surviving’

You are strong you starting over.

Everyday Is a act of courage your strength Is your power .

The broken and damage people always love harder then anybody else.

You learn to appreciate more because you give more to others then they might deserve .

Start over

Pay attention to you

You  deserve that self love

Love you a little bit

more .

For ever more

Do not believe everything you think ?

That can be exhausting feeling low.

free your mind.

Start over.







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