Stay Woke

man sitting next to green plant
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Knowledge to elevate.

Never give Up!

You had to fall first to crawl to stand to get back up.

Some people never have been through a struggle they do not know what a struggle looks like.

Some people are only takers Experience teaches you .

When you are struggling you might have nothing to give.

You might have went back wards and gave your all to people that might have use you up In all you have to give.

You might have been alone with no experience In your struggle.

They took all your kindness for weakness.

They toss It up In the air without a care.

You went backwards because you thought they care.

You struggle.

They laugh and murmur .

They thought you was they fool .

You fell and stumble.

They watch you fail with out a care . they only wanted to be there to use you.

You stood brave.

In spite of It all.

They only wanted to see you do bad because they did not want to see you do good.

It okay you stood woke.

Yes you was stuck under they plot of a illusion of who they perceive you to be .

You was different from them and they knew you was weak.

You was vulnerable

But you never loss your desire for Life.

You trusted them

until you heard they pocket full of lies.


Stood up again and held your ground.

You was honest with your intentions.

They hid behind they lies they created of only an experience of what they thought of you.

They will never feel your struggle. they hope you stay below them.

You had to fall first then crawl to get back up to stand again.

Stay Woke!

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