Food for Thought

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When God removes things or people who are not good  for you out of your life there a reason behind it. Some people only come into your life for a lesson learned and that it.

Some times you do not see what God trying to show you.

He moving things or people out of your life for your own good.

Maybe that person or thing you do not need  It might be an added stress to your whole mental  state of your well-being , that thing or individual. might leave  you feeling lower than your standards it can cause you toxic energy and it can be a burden to your well-being.

Some things you really do not need , You might have wanted  it but not everything. You want you need. If God thinks you do not need it he will remove it .

All you got to do Is ask him prayer  works.


Some doors shut by God are to remain shut. It does not make any sense  to keep knocking on a door you wasting your time knocking on. It might be a  disaster door. Or a trap door of just mess.

Some of the mess that might enter in your life might not be your mess , It might be mess of some one who you might have associate with. It might have been an individual  you thought was a friend.  They could be just a fake friend, or a fake associate.

God Is a fixer  he not going to give you nothing you can not handle In your behalf.

You have to do the work he not going to help you if you cannot help your self God likes an effort.

He reveals all hinders they are lessons too you can be associating with some one who might try to hinder your process In your growth . God Is a restorer.

Thank God that he sees things way before we as a human being sees things . Just because things appear a certain way that do not mean it a forever circumstance .

God can change any mess.




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