The Day

bedroom chairs curtain fashion
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It was mid-day
The Sun was bare with a touch of warmth ` She could hear the sounds of the water from the pond below  the trees stood still .

The gentle Sun move swiftly through the cloud
like a whisper the warm heat of the Sun
brush slightly over her shoulder .

Lauren leaned back In her chair .  ” He planted a kiss on her cheek .  Lauren relaxed and settled  back in her chair .  She liked that kiss . His expression clouded in a wide grin  made the conversation pleasant .  She was not paying attention to nothing he said.
he slipped a finger inside the neckline of her blouse giving her a look .
They sat and laughed .  She smiled . ” he flashed out another grin .
Jake followed her to the sofa . ” Lauren released a long sign . ” I guess I wait here for you
just remember what I said , Jake things are not going to be too great after all that has happen . Jake nodded and said yes it was awful  I never thought things would turn out like that with Yolanda she fool both of us . Jake hold up the letter for  Lauren to read
Shaking her head , I do not know what to do I not choosing between the two .
Jake said I can not believe that , you better hope she does not ruin things between you and your friend .  ” How is she  treating you . ”  She  fine until I bring up old news
” I`ll  keep an open mind  Lauren said sweetly. He hesitated a moment , as if she might be lying about the whole conversation ; then he smiled again and lifted her hand , and gave it a tight firm squeeze . and said Yolanda was mean she constantly  question every thing
Lauren stood up and said ” Why should you care , I do not know why you talking about it nothing makes any sense it neither none of your business or mine .
” Oh really ?”  He  turned and gave her a long look and gave her a cold smile than glance at his watch and said I have to go . ” Lauren stare at him and said ;  I`m not running any where this conversation is over .  Looking confused Jake walk to the door and turn the door knob and said by and walk out , and Lauren  close the door behind it . She trusted Jake with her truth but he could care less what she was thinking or feeling . Suddenly a few other memories pop in her head it sprang her mind and she felt her anxiety getting worst , she was glad he did not see her upset , she sat back in her chair and thought about the conversation the memory of it was just plain stupid . Yolanda had turned away from her she was nothing but a bully and  Jake knew it too but too a shame to talk about it .

She felt odd , and nervous . “She paused wondering if she dare mention every thing to Jake would he be angry  and thought to herself my life is so occupy  I really got no time for all the nonsense they created . The phone rang It was Reba Jake other sister who Lauren was not particularly fond of , she wanted to have Dinner at the Plaza at this sea food restaurant so Lauren agreed around 6 o’clock she would meet Reba .

Dinner at the plaza was excellent they had finish the seafood . ” Laura sighed.  She looked up and spoke to meet Reba eyes regarding what recently happen with Yolanda Reba said; abruptly you do not have to tell me she acts that way with every one
ever since her brother disappear  to Columbia she never  been the same.
Lauren just stared at Reba  she could not believe what she was hearing .
She pretended she was looking out the window , she miserable sitting there with her and asking her anything .  ” Reba just looked back at her and said: In a sarcastic tone you would never have manage if Jake was not around you she had a certain tone of bitterness in her voice . ” Lauren just wanted to slap her . Reba just shrugged her shoulders and turn up her nose like  a stuff up carrot and said  I told you he said
Nobody care what she was doing with all his money they spend it too on what they wanted to do .
Lauren just stood up in the middle of her chair very still and listen , she just wanted to run out of the restaurant , the waiter came and Lauren started to take her credit card out to pay for the meal but Reba say she got this and pay the meal. and then Reba kept talking about Yolanda like if she was a nobody . Lauren said; okay let`s not repeat this we despise each other so just wait to talk to Yolanda when Jake Is present . Lauren poise and said: this is all nonsense and got up from her chair and said; thank you for the dinner but I must go   I have work in the morning and I have to meet up with Jake some time tomorrow . then she turn around and walk out the restaurant and thought to herself what a moron she Is .as she press the button to open her car door with her car keys Reba  was right behind her she turn around and before she could said anything Reba pushed her hard and she fell on the ground . ” Lauren fell hard her arm hit the pavement . people were walking by just looking without saying a word , Lauren eyes widened she could not believe what was happening she could not get to her cell phone because it was in her bag sprawl out on the ground and her back hurled from the push to the ground
” Lauren said; loudly what the hell you doing you  Witch  , all this for what . ” Lauren got off the ground and dust herself off and lean forward and got in her vehicle . Reba was at the Car window looking like a physic and said: Lauren listen I`d better begin at the beginning . Jake did not tell you the whole truth about how he made it all happen to Yolanda brother over some Money he own her she just was yelling at the top of her lungs   Lauren just started her car up and lock it while Reba was yelling at the car window .
Lauren just blast her car radio up and pull the car and kept going she look in her rear view window and could see Reba looking stupid standing in the middle of the side-walk looking  crazy , Lauren kept driving and got on the high way and drove 10 miles up and pulled into a gas station and stop and took her cell phone to call Jake  as soon as he pick up she talk loudly and said; your whole family crazy  i had a big argument with Reba she act like a jerk pushed me to the ground like a physic , Jake was on the other end mad and angry saying wow sorry that all happen what a rotten thing to do to you.
Lauren just said in a low tone I am tired of all this crap. ‘I would have never have come!
If you`d  explained  what was going on with your family so that why you was so mysterious about every thing  you just embarrassing and Lauren just click her cell off.
and waited five minutes and put it back on and there was a text from Jake saying listen let me explain forget about what they talking about. Lauren text back and type in You lie to me and that it  this is a whole stinking set up for me to play sides over something that has really nothing to do with me . Jake text back this all stupid and we are being stupid too to feed into a mess of just lies , I had no idea Reba was going to act like that we will talk later . Lauren leaned forward , her mind leaping into a headache and text back angrily okay and click her cell off and started her car up and drove up past the light to about 50 miles up the road until she seen the exit of the  Lake Park.


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