Do you ever think ?

About the way
I stood
under your feet.

You walk over me like
I was a piece of your trash.

I never told you
how I really felt.

I covered my pain deep down
In my gut.

Yes you seen
my tears.

You never ask
If  I was okay.

Instead you crumbled me
with your guilt
with your pain.

Do you ever think ?
how  I felt.

Your words never made me feel great
instead I felt uneasy
bully into a state of shame
In reality
you never gave a hoot.

I felt very low.

My self-esteem was shattered.

I thought
I knew better.

I decided to leave you
after you serve me a bowl
unwanted desires.

Why was you so mean?
did my strength scare you
was you mad because
I learn to survive
without you.

You created your own drama
with a pity party of mere fools.

Unaware of any thing
I felt stupid
and silly
perhaps I could have alter my  thinking ?

My sorrow became my

I no longer wanted to be under your spell
of convictions of what I knew I did not deserve
you had me trap under my own skin.

You talk a good game
while I listen seeking a way
out of your misery plot of deceit
your words were full of lies they were so twisted
and full of senseless fantasies , without any love
You share your grief of your corrupted soul
While I listen seeking a way out of your misery plot
of deceit.

Perhaps I can alter my thinking ?

You became petty
I watch you with need less tears
I pray over you.
and I pray over myself
I allow your mess to creep up In my mind
I stood  less of my standards
just like you until
I got some common sense.

Perhaps the hardship
I felt did
not matter to you.
It did  matter to me.

You play the game of hate
we chuckle and laugh.

a graceful way but deep down inside your true colors came out
It had no sophistication the smell was a fragrance of pure gloom
It did not entice my senses at all ,
I grew  tired with a sense no  hope.

man and woman sitting on floor
Photo by Fillipe Gomes on


I reach a door of courage
I open it
and I felt free
Thank God
you never really
matter either




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