I Found Mercy

I found mercy it quiet  my Soul
It look dark and bright
at the same time.

I cringe inside
within myself .

The  only thing holding me back was me .
I stood in darkness  until I could not see no more light.
I felt like I was running from a dark spirit
caught up in enslavement
I was a prisoner behind close doors ,
but the only thing I was not  a prisoner by someone
I did not know

In Fact
I knew him
quite well he conned me out of his unwanted desires ,
I felt trapped and isolated in my own skin
I really could not do anything at all.

I got tired of the unwanted blues,
it took all my strength
I had
and I stood over my own way
and I found mercy.

By Opal Ingram

photo of posing woman with hand resting on her forehead
Photo by Luan Nunes on Pexels.com

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