Where I Slept ?

I slept like a Queen
where the sky was blue.
and the moon was the light.

grayscale photo of woman
Photo by SadMan Chowdhury on Pexels.com

I slept like a Queen
with my head held
In a chair.

I slept there
I slept here.

I slept near a shade of gray
where the floor felt like grass.
and the sky was dark with only
glimpse of the moon where stars creep
at every angle.

I slept near a card board box
where the rain rumble and tumble.

I slept near a park bench
where empty bottles toss in the wind.
I cover myself ,
and left my eyes
wide open.

I watch the tree branches meet
the Sun in its flair.
perhaps the leaves were of every color.

I slept under a stair step
where I could hear the doors slam back
and forth.
not knowing.
Who was behind it ?.

I held my head high.
With no

Perhaps my pride was still
that`s all I had
Where I slept.

I slept in the most rest full
place of all
In Gods hands.









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