The Road To Purple

A  Road of recovery I stood in darkness.
Until I could not see the light of an open door.
My heart open with no excuses I felt free .
I stumble upon a path where I felt like I was

Trap In a circle of unwanted lessons my mind
Felt clutter but I took my unwanted baggage and
Dealt with it the best way I could.

 I felt worn and torn I had to tuck my pride under my feet
I walk with pride my feet travel in a mercy direction,

I travel into a road of recovery I could no
Longer look back because what was ahead of me
I needed to see!

I knew this was my turning point.
But I needed help!

But I was afraid to ask?
I did not want to beg
But I did!

I kept silent on my journey
My heart open up with no

I stood alongside a
humble path.
My faith guided me like
A torch into the light.

It was a reality check
I was a victim of my own

I allow it to happen the abuse
it all I knew!

But I certainly did not see it

I had low esteem about myself.
It was part of my soul searching
that needed to be heal.

I utter a prayer to God!
He guided me through
The  road of Purple.

Written By- Opal Ingram

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