The Journey

green tree beside seashore near green mountain
Photo by on

The journey of wisdom believe
In yourself  spread the knowledge.
taken from railroad philosophy from places travel once before.

In time spend In thoughts convey
In patterns carried of seeds never told.
but never forgotten.

In a Journey that must go on for generations for ever more  built on legacy.
In chains broken fled on yonder  way
In the valley below , up near the bay
where the voice were kept quiet with only wisdom carried
In thoughts.

The journey carried on our backs.
some written In stone.
to follow , but never go so far back that you do not know how to give It back.
people can only Influence what you allow.
follow the dream for those who pave the way , they gave it to us for always to be

We  never forget what already been done , but to lift our heads  to the journey of life carried upon seeds in the trees planted in the grace on yonder way on the path of wisdom follow the dream , embrace It
believe in your- self and your ancestry who pave the way built on legacy
the journey call wisdom.

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