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I was sleeping with my eyes shut I dream should I choose his bliss I wander into a garden that was full of all the lovely extremes there he sat.

I thought my soul had to learn to fly`
his heart touch mine, ‘I stood speechless with my mind in a gaze.

The dream so real realistically in thought
I  sat in the garden with the likes of him I felt vibrant and bold beyond my guess
as I look at him he undresses my mind he wore a shirt open I could see his bare chest as he walks towards me I fell into a trance, he carries me into his arms what a sensual place to ponder in my thoughts,  he touches my face.
I felt vibrant and bold.
I woke up with the sound of the alarm clock ringing
In my ear, the dream felt so real of only a thought of my wildest imagination.

Written by Opal Ingram
#opalexpressionspoetry #moca45



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