The Tunnel

 In the darkness,
She stood until he
could see no more light.
I ran through the tunnel of a path of a journey
where I had no self-control.

I was a prisoner behind closed doors but the only thing I was a prisoner of someone I  knew quite well he conned me out of his desires and I fell deep into the trap of deceit I was isolated and the pain of misery suck In my soul I had nowhere to go.

I  could see the trees whipping in the wind he carried a shovel  he swiped it on his shoulder then it was nothing but the sound of the storm  the wind crackled  He laughed without a care, I just stood there in shock wondering if I was next I got tired of the unwanted blues
I felt subdue I  was a woman who was sheltered  He  was overwhelmed  by my response
instead of keeping me there he said to go I ran through the tunnel where I had no self-control I gather my thoughts and it led me to the light down the road  I  found my way out of my pain

Opal Ingram

golden hour
Photo by Fernando Makoto on



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