Stunned Are

grayscale photo of assorted cars at the middle of high rise buildings
Photo by Gustavo Tabosa on

Stunned are

Stunned are the World.
September 11, 2001
Is when America had change
we lost lives our nation

Stunned are We
for those who died on that day

Your love ones will never be forgotten.
They will always be remembered`

In our hearts
They will stay
for ever more.

Stunned are
the brave and  the Beautiful.

The red
white and blue stripes
on the flag
proud we are.

There are 50 states
Stunned are.

We have great pride.
It brought us all together
stunned are, hearts broken
but we fight strong America.
our nation and heroes tell
white for purity.
red for strength blue for justice.

We`re still standing
Stunned are
with our heads held high.
In God we Trust.

God Bless

Stunned  Are
by Opal Ingram
2018 (c)

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